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GIMP: Vibrating GIF Tutorial

Before we start, I use GIMP 2.6.11 so if you use the older versions it’s okay but some of my tools might not be in yours. Like the airbrush. But we don’t need that brush here. Also make sure your “Channels Paths Undo Layers - Brushes Patterns Gradients” Window is open. If it’s not, go to Windows and open it.

This is my first tutorial so just message me in my ask box if you don’t understand something. Well, here goes.

1. Okay first, you take just any photo you like and paste/open it on GIMP. Here’s Mine: (I got it from Minaj

If you look closely on my finished product I cut the part with the guy’s shirt but you can leave it if you like.

Also, I edited the photo (Made it darker etc.) but if you want you can just leave it as it is.

2. Duplicate (right click layer > duplicate) the first layer (which is the original photo) then move it to the left (click the photo then use your arrow keys) five times. Then duplicate the first layer again and move it to the right five times too.

3. Change the opacity of the 2nd and 3rd layer, which is the one we moved to the left and right five times, to 30% opacity.

4. Merge the 2nd layer first, to the 1st layer, then merge the 3rd one to the 1st layer too. (Right click the layer > Merge Down) Now you have only 1 layer. that looks a little blurry but don’t worry! It should look a little something like this:

5. Now paste your original photo again and click Ctrl + Shift + N to make a new layer. Leave the first layer there first and don’t touch it. We’ll be working on the second one now.

6. Do the exact same with steps 2, 3, and 4, except instead of moving the layer five times, move it only 3 times. It should look like this:

7. Now paste your original photo again and Ctrl + Shift + N.

8. Duplicate the 2nd layer and drag the duplicate layer as the first one (on top of the 3rd one).

9. Just go to Filters > Animation > Playback to watch your animation and if your finished product looks like mine, then your done! Just click File > Save As. And it’s important that you save it as animation and do NOT convert it to greyscale unless you want it black & white.

I know it looks oily but thats normal. GIMP just does that i don’t really know why… You can tweak with it if you want like instead of moving the 2nd layer 5 times, you can move it seven. Or instead of having 4 frames you can have 5. Just get creative with it ;)